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Testing for Website and Page Load Speed: Is It Worth Doing?

Running a successful blog or website not only requires high-quality content and the ability to deliver a message or objective with a genuine voice, but it also requires a fast-loading website and online presence altogether. Testing for website and page loading speed is essential whether you plan to promote a personal portfolio, a local business or an international eCommerce store where you plan to sell goods and services.

Why Website and Page Load Speed Matters

Visitors tend to spend no more than a few seconds of waiting for a website to load and appear on their screen. When your website is lagging or is being hosted on a shared server that is slower than a dedicated or owned server, it is much more likely that your website or blog will load slower altogether. Retaining visitors is essential when you want to continue to grow any type of website or online presence online. Understanding the importance of how speed affects user experience when browsing online is one of the best ways to ensure your own site or blog is loading quickly and without issue, regardless of how your visitors are attempting to access it.

Testing Your Own Websites and Blogs for Speed

Once you have made the decision to improve and test the overall speed of your website, you can do so on multiple operating systems from Apple and Windows in addition to testing on various mobile platforms. Using Android and iOS operating systems is the best way to ensure you are maximizing your reach online. It is also highly advisable to check and test your website’s loading speed with different operating systems and even outdated devices or computers. Be sure to cross-check loading time and compatibility on the latest tablet devices and browsers to reach even more users. There are some services online that allow you to run page speed test in a mobile browser, as well as in a regular browser.

The more you ensure your website properly loads and runs at a quick speed on all browsers, devices and computers, the easier it is to retain visitors and to keep potential clients and customers coming back for more in the future. Testing for website and page loading speed is imperative in today’s society any time you are looking to build a name for yourself, a company or an entire brand online.