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• Jul 13 Fri

On the Long Horizon - Certification Welcome Kits

Trika Harms zum Spreckel writes "Delay in Welcome Kit Shipments: If you recently placed an order via the MCP site for any of the following MCTS or MCITP Welcome Kits, please know that fulfillment of your kit may have been delayed."


• Jun 25 Mon

See, Hear, Do - Webcasts, Podcasts and Virtual Labs

Scott Lum writes "I'll be taking over the TechNet Online Media program which covers not just Webcasts but Podcasts and hands-on Virtual Labs which will give us a lot to cover....Let's talk about TechNet Webcasts. About your experience, about the value, about the content, about the good, bad and the ugly. TechNet Webcasts exist to provide you with the content and answers you need to do your job. Let's talk. "


• Jun 1 Fri

Another Changing of the Guard...

Scott Lum writes "Scott Lum is the “New Sheriff in Town” (to borrow from Dean) and will be driving TechNet Webcasts, Podcasts and Virtual Labs from here on out.... "


• Apr 18 Wed

Public site for Microsoft Regional Directors

Bill Wagner writes "Microsoft launched a new public facing site that features all the Micorosoft Regional Directors, and our activities all around the world. See it at....People that know me have heard me talk about what a brilliant community the RDs comprise. Spend a few minutes on the site, and you'll see what I mean: it's worldwide...It's a great virtual trip around the world"


• Apr 16 Mon

Weigh in: Could the definition of IT Pro be this easy

Francis Langlois writes "What is the IT Pro audience and how is it different from other audiences?....That's how I've settled this question in my mind. SDK readers want different material from IT Pro readers because of what these people do....IT pros have different needs than developers based on what tasks they perform. That's the big difference."


• Apr 2 Mon

I'm a big fan of being connected

Kevin Remde writes "An e-mail thread I've been a following at Microsoft has had me excited to talk about this, and now that it's been blogged by others I feel I can let the "cat out of the bag" and post about it as well. Stanislas Quastana's blog confirms the rumor of a new area for Microsoft... even, dare I say, a new ERA for Microsoft, in the area of communications."


• Mar 27 Tue

Make Your Mark: Submit and Vote Birds-of-a-Feather

Chris Bowen writes " If you're interested in moderating a particular topic, head to the Birds of a Feather session submission page. Want to see which sessions have been submitted and vote for the ones you'd like to have accepted? Go to the Birds of a Feather voting page."


• Mar 22 Thu

Why don't more women work in Technology?

Eileen Brown writes "We’re trying to get a feel about what different employers are doing to attract, promote and retain women technologists so I’d appreciate you forwarding this mail and the survey link to all of the other women you know who also work in and alongside Technology so we can get a good feel across the industry as a whole...."


• Mar 1 Thu

Beginner Developer Learning Center is now live!

Kevin Remde writes "Microsoft is unveiling a new resource for ANYONE who is interested in learning the eginnings /basics /starting-points for developing software. The Beginner Developer Learning Center is a free online site containing easy-to-use tutorials and lessons for beginners. Here are the details"


• Dec 22 Fri

IT Manager Content - December Update

Jeff Alexander writes "Along with the updated IT Pro Content that we have posted on Technet; we have now posted updated IT Manager content. Check it out:"


• Nov 2 Thu


Chris Haaker writes "Are you interested in knowing what your peers are saying about Microsoft Office 2007? Do you want to see the feedback on the new Windows Vista license changes? Or maybe you have a new script you'd like to share with a larger group of IT pros. Even if you just want to spout off about something, we have great new place to get your voice heard: the new Aggreg8 online social network for IT pros."


• Oct 30 Mon

TechNet magazine available in more languages

Eileen Brown writes "....Beginning with the November 2006 issue, we will be publishing all TechNet Magazine content online in 7 languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese). All 7 languages will be published simultaneously when the magazine content is released to the Web each month...."


• Sep 29 Fri

Time Zone Tool

Buck Woody writes "If you're a DBA that manages systems in multiple timezones, you'll love this handy tray tool that shows up to 5 at a time. I likethe fact that the bubble stays on top until you close it."


• Sep 13 Wed

Find free and for-pay WiFi hotspots with Windows Live Hotspot Locator

Aaron Tiensivu writes "I used this today for the first time and it seems pretty accurate. I'm curious how they get this information though. Very very handy when you are on the road and in need of network access. "


• Sep 5 Tue

How IT Operations can Leverage CRM

John Oxley writes "You often see customer relationship management software in reference to business outreach and customers however it’s useful for IT operations too. I was interviewed this year on this topic. As with most 3rd-party interviews, parts are summarized and truncated. There’s value in sharing the full answers to their questions so I’m providing my director’s cut.... "


• Jul 18 Tue

Microsoft buys Winternals!

Gavin Steiner writes "You may remember Mark Russinovich as being the first to discover and expose the infamous Sony rootkit. Russinovich has had a long and storied career delving into the murky depths of Windows' internals, and many have expressed the opinion that he knows more about the guts of Microsoft operating systems than anyone outside of Microsoft itself..."


• Jul 13 Thu

Fancy Winning an Xbox 360?

Steve Lamb writes "OK so this is clearly a "Marketing thing" but it's aim is pure and simple - to encourage people to browse the wealth of information on TechNet to help everyone get the most from the features of our products. The competition is free to enter and the overall winner will receive an XBox 360. The four runners up will each receive a Creative Zen MP3 Player. The quiz covers a wide variety of infrastructure topics including of course Security and Interoperability - I wrote those questions :-) If you'd like to play simply click on... "


• Jul 12 Wed

News from Bean Town

Ward Ralston writes "Lots-o-news coming out of the World Wide Partner Conference in Boston this week. VP Andy Lees, who oversees marketing for the Server and Tools Division, spoke this morning and made a number of announcements. Two Windows Server news items to note: "


• Jun 16 Fri

Kevin's TechEd 2006 Diaries - Day 4

Kevin Remde writes "My Wednesday of TechEd 2006 was again spent smiling. Smiling while enjoying talking to people at the Messaging TLC booth and later at the TechNet booth. And smiling for pictures with old and new friends. The evening event was the big “IT Influencer” party held at Ned Devine’s Irish Pub in the Quincy Market building. The food was good, the drink was flowing, and the fun included ... "


Strikers Block Busses!!! Police Called In!

Scott Ladewig writes "Smooth ride on the bus again this morning. New driver though. The bus drivers went on strike, so managers are... "


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