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• Jul 6 Fri

NEW: Short Format Webcast Express Pilot

Scott Lum writes "We're trying out slightly new form factor - a shorter duration Webcast we're calling Webcast Express....These shorter format Webcasts are recorded straight to on-demand and generally run 10-20 minutes in length....We have seven SharePoint 2007 Webcast Express on topics like new features, installation & confirguration, customizing search, report center, etc. There are also two Webcast Express for Office Open XML Format - one on Excel and the other Word. "


• Jun 13 Wed

June 27 if you are in the Southwest

Steele Price writes "The main speaker this year will be Scott Guthrie, the original creator of Microsoft's ASP.NET architecture. He is a general manager at Microsoft over many areas of developer technology including ASP.NET, IIS, ASP.NET Ajax, and Silverlight. His presentation will center on the newest video and web technology that has been announced at recent conferences"


• Jun 7 Thu

Discounts on Certification!

Jeff Alexander writes "....we are offering a 40 percent saving voucher (available worldwide) to help Windows Server 2003 customers get a head start on our next release....To receive your voucher, you must satisfy the following two requirements. "


Complimentary 1 Day Lab

Jeff Alexander writes "Special Offer Attend a complimentary 1 day technical hands on lab & save up to $660. Microsoft and DDLS is pleased to offer you this complimentary offer to attend a one day technical Hands-On lab, and experience hands-on the System Center and Forefront technology (valued at $600/day+GST), at a city near you. "


• Jun 4 Mon

More on TechEd Keynote Dynamic IT

Windows Connected writes "....In his keynote address, Muglia discussed the challenges IT professionals face, including the pressures of global competition and regulatory compliance requirements. IT professionals are also trying to determine how to take advantage of new technologies and computing approaches, such as mobile devices and Software as a Service "


Drop in on TechEd Keynote

Chris Haaker writes "This is a raw and unedited stream of notes from the TechEd 2007"


• Jun 2 Sat

They're Back: Source Fource in Force

Scott Lum writes "They're back and this time they've brought friends - the Source Fource....You must be present at TechEd to collect them and there will be a different one each day. Come by early at the TechNet Online Webcast/Virtual Lab area and keep your eye out for them on the floor. Last year the Fource went fast."


• May 16 Wed

5 minutes of fame! TechEd 2007 Session

Heather Solomon writes "I was selected to present at TechEd this year. It is very exciting! I am going to be speaking about branding (gee what else !). If you are planning on attending TechEd, my session will be on Wednesday at 4pm. Please double check schedules once you arrive at TechEd. Title: Branding and Customizing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Sites"


• May 9 Wed

Q/A: Operations Manager 2007 Technical Overview

John Baker writes "Webcast Q/A: Operations Manager 2007 Technical Overview - May 4th, 2007 "


David Soussan, our Webcast Magic Winner!

Scott Lum writes "It’s always nice to be able to post actual honest-to-goodness winners! We had a promotion earlier this year called Webcast Magic and as part of this program we picked one of our webcasts customers, "


Ann Arbor - PyPy and Stackless Python May 16

Dianne Marsh writes "Stephan Diehl will be visiting Ann Arbor....He will be speaking at the Ann Arbor ITZone, for a special Michigan Python User Group meeting, on May 16 at 7 pm. He will talk about both pypy and stackless python "


• May 3 Thu

Chicago VSTS Users Group May 9

Buck Hodges writes "For those of you in the Chicago area that use Team System, Clark Sell will be presenting at the Chicago VSTS Users Group meeting. It should be a great time to learn more about VSTS!"


• May 1 Tue

Best Q&A from Windows Deployment Services Overview Webcast

Kevin Remde writes "Here are the "Best Of" the questions and answers from today's TechNet Webcast: "Windows Deployment Services Technical Overview"


TechNet Webcast: Reporting with System Center Operations Manager 2007

John Baker writes "Wednesday, May 09, 2007 9:30 AM Pacific Time.....In this session, we explore the new reporting features and benefits in Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007. We describe the new functionality for reporting in System Center Operations Manager 2007,"


Major SharePoint online production at a good price: Free

Daniel Larson writes "Yes, this is the event that was previously scheduled for March, but postponed to May due to the plethora of analog conferences in March and April....May 01 SharePoint Pro Online Live: May 10, 9-5 EST...I'll be talking on "Windows SharePoint Services Development for ASP.NET Developers", which will be a GREAT introduction to the SharePoint platform, some teaser demos"


• Apr 30 Mon

Webcast Resources: Windows Deployment Services Overview

Kevin Remde writes "Here are some resources relating to the webcast I presented on April 30, 2007, entitled “TechNet Webcast: Windows Deployment Services Overview”. I hope you find them useful."


• Apr 26 Thu

Imagine Cup winners: Sign Language System wins 1st

Robert Burke writes "A low-cost interactive system for teaching sign language, using standard web cameras as input, to provide feedback on a participant's signing gestures. The team offered a good, realistic problem definition, gave a great demo,"


• Apr 25 Wed

UI Smackdown 2007 Session 1

Dianne Marsh writes "Adobe's Flex, Microsoft's WPF, and Google's Web Toolkit (GWT) were all discussed in an Open Spaces format at the Ann Arbor ITZone on April 4....UI Smackdown: Session 1 Web App Limits: Real World Experiences A group convened a session to talk about web applications, and where they break down with real world experience. The limitations were noted as:"


• Apr 23 Mon

Team System Chat - Friday, April 27th

Jeff Beehler writes "Join members of the Visual Studio Team System product group to discuss features available in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, Team Editions for Architects, Developers, Database Pros, and Testers....."


• Apr 20 Fri

Will you be at TechEd Orlando

Harold Wong writes "I will indeed be attending Tech Ed 2007 in Orlando, Florida....I am trying to organize something (unofficial) for those of you who have attended my webcasts (or even any webcast delivered by someone on my team) so we can all get together and meet each other. Look for more details to come on my blog as I work out the details. One thing to keep in mind is that I don't have money so it won't be a huge bash somewhere. :-("


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