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We are not longer monitoring this Feed. Thank you for your great support and come on over to the TechEd Bloggers Feed where you can register your blog and join the community!


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• Apr 1 Tue

LINQ to SQL in multi layered + service apps

Guy Barrette writes "....this is by no means the only way to achieve the goal of using LINQ to SQL in a multi layered application. It’s just simple and easy. Feel free to comment and share your findings and thoughts....Referencing the DAL objects from the presentation layer is bad because you’re creating a strong bond between these layers that are supposed to be decoupled. The rule states that the presentation layer must not be aware of the data access layer. What you really need to do is create a transport object layer that will be referenced by the BAL and the DAL. These objects are just plain POCOs..."


• Jul 13 Fri

Windows Explorer Has a New Preview Pane

Windows Team writes " may not be aware that Windows Explorer also has its own Preview Pane that extends beyond the live icons you may have noticed when navigating folders in Windows Explorer. Different than Windows XP's individual menus, toolbars, Navigation Pane and Task Panes, Windows Vista has merged them all into a single interface -- take a look:"


Some Applications Sluggish after Security Update

Heath Stewart writes "After installing Security Update KB928365 for the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to fix MS07-040, some users are noticing some managed applications - especially those developed using the Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) - are running sluggish. The apparent problem is that native images"


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Hot Post

NEW: Short Format Webcast Express Pilot

Scott Lum writes "We're trying out slightly new form factor - a shorter duration Webcast we're calling Webcast Express....These shorter format Webcasts are recorded straight to on-demand and generally run 10-20 minutes in length....We have seven SharePoint 2007 Webcast Express on topics like new features, installation & confirguration, customizing search, report center, etc. There are also two Webcast Express for Office Open XML Format - one on Excel and the other Word. "


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